August 18, 2022

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20 interesting facts about milk

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We all have milk in our diets in the form of either cake, yoghurt, smoothie or a simple cup of it. Although we know how much calcium it has, we don’t know some interesting facts about the milk which we purchase from different dairy manufacturing companies in UAE. If you are eager to know some facts about it then scroll down!

  1. Many farmers give names to their cows. According to researches, cows that are given names by their farmers produce 258 litres of milk more than cows that are not given names by their masters. 
  2. The milk of the whale has 30 to 50 per cent fat. That’s why it has a toothpaste-like appearance. 
  3. In past, people used to add milk in their tea to show how rich they are. However, today it is common to add milk.
  4. Although low-fat milk has minimum fat, the researchers proved that people who have low-fat milk are more likely to be fat than people who have whole fat milk. 
  5. Scientists say that people could use to create a biodegradable, non-flammable and insoluble plastic that would have no odour.
  6. Breast milk does not have substances that humans could digest. They have substances that could feed gut bacteria that reside in infants. Thus, these bacteria would help the infant later to grow and become healthy. 
  7. Majority of the condoms have milk protein because they consist of latex and latex is made of milk protein. 
  8. 11,000 years ago, milk was dangerous to humans because it had excessive quantities of lactose. People used to lower lactose by making cheese from it. 
  9. Platypus lack nipples. The milk flow directly in their system. 
  10.  A person needs 12 pounds of milk to make a gallon of ice-cream. 
  11.  A cow needs 50 to 70 hours to give milk. 
  12.  Majority of the human population could not consume too much milk because they are lactose intolerant and milk has a high quantity of lactose. 
  13.  Milk has 90 per cent of water. That’s the reason why you feel hydrated after drinking a cup of it.
  14.  The consistency or flavour changes of the breast milk and that change depends on whether a mother has given birth to a girl or boy.
  15.  There is not much difference between skim and whole milk. Both of them have the same amount of calcium and other nutrients.    

So, these are 15 interesting facts about milk. Milk is one of the most bought dairy product in the world. It is used by energy drink supplier to prepare different kinds of cheese and cream manufacturers to prepare the cream.