November 30, 2023

Few things nobody tells you about cigarette holding

2 min read

There are hundreds of smokers who buy cigarettes from different tobacco companies in UAE. Holding a cigarette is an art and no one tells you about how to hold a cigarette. Some people put the cigarette in their mouth directly from the pack and others take it out with fingers. Some people hold it in the middle of their lips while others prefer one side for this. No matter how you take a cigarette out there is always a style through which you hold it after taking it out. Also there is no particular position which one should adopt to hold it. Every one holds it differently in the way they feel comfortable. There is no perfect way but few of them are famous which are used most of the time. Some smokers hold in the same position from the very starting and never think of changing it others vary their style from time to time. After getting cigarettes from any cigarette company in Dubai, lit it up sit on your couch and then you can check different styles here to know that what style you carry.

If you are holding your cigarette between index and middle finger while your palm is outward facing then you are smoking in the classic way. With a little variation if your palm is facing inwards then you are doing it the sophisticated way.

If you are hiding it from someone that you are smoking and hold your cigarette with thumb and forefinger while it is positioned towards your wrist in a way that it is difficult to see from the back of your hand then you are doing it the palmed way.

If you are holding it with the thumb and index finger while your palm is facing outwards and filter part of the cigarette is pointing towards you then you are smoking in the Euro 1 style. There is also another style with a little variation in this style known as Euro 2 style in which palm is facing up and inward while rest of the theme is same. This style is also known as the Nazi style.

If you are using non-filtered cigarettes then you can lit any side of it because there is no specific side to smoke through unlike filtered cigarettes.