February 27, 2024

Inspire and be inspired

2 min read

When you are going to start your career as the non-destructive testing inspector then you should know that you cannot do this thing alone without the help of others. There are a lot of ISO consultants in UAE from which you can get the inspiration and help. You have to be a keen observer not for the machines but also for the humans as you have to analyze the working pattern of different testing inspectors. You can also get the inspiration from your fellow trainers of your seniors while getting NDT training in Dubai. You people have to support each other and help each other in this whole journey of being a testing inspector. When you get the inspiration or a new thing about your field then it is your duty to tell others about it to so that they will get the benefit from your knowledge. You have to give inspiration to others when you get it from others.

You should be clear about your thoughts of helping others. Sometime you will encounter some people who you think are selfish in sharing their knowledge, while interaction with such people you should always remind yourself to not be like them. People who share their knowledge will always get the benefit of it as knowledge will increase with sharing. This increase will be in so many ways. First is that when you share your knowledge then others will tell you about their views on your knowledge, in this way you will get new insights and the loop holes in your knowledge which you were unaware of. Then you will try to fill those loop holes. Second thing is that sharing will increase your worth in the eyes of your fellow being, they will see you as a loyal and honest person and do not hesitate to come to you when in need. Third thing is that when people trust you to share their problems with you then you will get the experience about their work too, when you hear the problems they encounter you will try to solve them and in future if you get the same problem then you will already know how to tackle that and hoe to solve that. That’s why people who share their knowledge will always get benefited from it.