November 29, 2021

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Post-COVID guide to international students in Canada

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Canada shut the borders for all non-essential journeys due to the initial danger of COVID-19. But soon afterward, when the travel cap became applicable on 18 March 2020, the Government declared that borders would remain open to foreign students possessing or accepted a license to study.

In addition to their license to study, foreign students will also require valid travel documents, including a temporary resident visa (TRV) or Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA), to be issued to enter Canada.

* Important update: some foreign students will suspend their travel limits from 20 October. Your DLI has to have an authorized COVID-19 scheme in place for entry to Canada.

The DLI you need:

  • Until they reach Canada, expect to spread information on health and travel criteria to foreign students
  • Make sure students have a quarantine schedule on arrival in Canada for 14 days.
  • Guide students to gain essentials during their quarantine such as food and medicines
  • Create protocols to safeguard student wellbeing if COVID-19 in the DLI is recorded
  • International students are advised not to prepare before all conditions have been completed and the required authorizations have been issued.
  • The government in Canada advises that citizens stop all non-essential trips abroad.

This can be achieved by foreign students wishing to go back to their country of birth, but consider whether they should enter, whether they can re-enter Canada in the next few years, and if it can affect their qualifications for a post-graduate job license.

Student residences in the world have closed to shield the students and flatten the curve. Any residences can allow allowances or help you find other arrangements for foreign students.

Any hotels book rooms for people who have to separate themselves. In most cases, the guest of the hotel must remain inside the room for 14 days without visiting the hotel space, the lobby, or public areas. Outside the door are food and fresh towels.

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