September 27, 2023

When to implement ERP in your business – A guide

2 min read

There are many ERP software companies in Dubai that claim to provide best systems for your business but the main thing is that you have to know when to apply that system. There are several reasons that those companies provide which shifted to ERP solutions in Dubai and some of the reasons are here so that you know when the right time to shift to ERP is:

First reason is when your team starts giving more time to their daily activities. They spend more time to close their daily ledger and find it difficult to maintain the balance between all works they are doing. In this situation ERP provide the best solution as it will integrate your entire work to one place and provide you best solutions.

Second reason is that you will start skipping your daily business questions and it will affect your business badly. When there is an important question and you skip that due to an overwhelming number of questions then you may lose one of your important clients also you will lose your track and do not know about the needs of your business due to not answering important questions of your business. But now you do not have to worry about these unanswered questions because ERP software is there to rescue you from all of these problems.

Another reason is that all of your departments are running individually without collaborating with each other. In this way it will be difficult to all of them to know about the progress that other department made in a particular project. They all have different sources of data collection and they store them individually. To combine all that data form different departments you need a lot of time and effort which is useless because it does not provide any productivity. 

When you apply ERP to your system then you will get the information from all the departments at the same place without any extra effort. Each department put its data in to the system and then system will integrate it to the data of other departments so the entire data is readily available for all the departments whenever they need it. In ERP you do not have to do double entry of your data. Just put it once and it will provide you the ease of getting it anytime.