April 21, 2024

7 Types of Pillows For Your Needs

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While the bed and the mattress plays an important part on achieving a good night sleep, having the right pillow can add to better snooze. Unknown to many, pillows provide neck and upper body support and prevent any damage on your spine while you are sleeping.

Like mattresses, selecting the right pillow can be tricky as there are different types available in the market. They differ in function, materials used and sizes. If you are currently scouting for one, know the different types that suit your needs.

  1. Body pillow

As the name suggested, a body pillow is an oversized pillow that supports the entire body. This may not be a popular option but it does have its advantages. For one, it can provide support to on the back and the whole body. This pillow is perfect for pregnant women as it accommodate body changes that comes with pregnancy.

  1. Neck Pillow

You neck need outmost support especially when you are asleep that is why having a credible pillow to support this part of your body is essential.  The neck pillow Dubai residents look for are the likes of the contour pillow that cradles the neck for solid support.

  1. Memory Foam

Like mattresses, pillows have a memory foam version. This type of pillow is perfect for sleeper with back problems since the pillow is sensitive to heat and body pressure. It can mold the shape of the sleeper’s head. However, memory foam pillows are combustible and should not be used for infants.

  1. Down Pillow

Softness is the main asset of down pillows. The fluff used for this type of pillow is bellies of waterfowl. This pillow is perfect for stomach sleepers and can last long. It is also easy to wash and light to carry.

  1. Buckwheat

Buckwheat pillows are made of buckwheat hulls, hence the name. One of the advantages this pillow offers is it promotes air circulation. However, it can be a little bit heavy to carry due to its material.

  1. Feather

Feather pillow is a popular option. Like down pillows, it is soft due to the materials used which is feathers. It can also last long and light in weight. One disadvantage is that you need to shake it more often to maintain its natural form.

  1. Cotton

Another popular option is the cotton pillows. It is firmer than down pillows and 100% made of natural cottons. On the downside, it might not be good for your neck as this kind of pillow feels a little hard once the cottons are compressed.


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